studio ae | Geberit Romania Headquarters
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Geberit Romania Headquarters

Office & Showroom

650 sqm       2018       Bucharest

Geberit is known in the construction industry by the quality, the constancy and the easy assembly of the its products. The company is an European leader in the field of sanitary products.

The new Romania Geberit headquarters will accommodate both the administrative offices, the showroom for its products, a training room and a meeting room.

By proposing to redefine the existing space, the existing partition walls are demolished to create an open space divided only into two major areas: the exhibition and reception area for guests and the work area for the employees.

Particular attention is paid to the area of the restrooms that is also a part of the showroom. The goal of this area is for guests to see how the various sanitary products that Geberit produces and sells work.