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Shop & Go Concept Store

Flagship Store

200 sqm       2017       Bucharest

The city gives us an abundance of different textures and colors.

The design is focused on these urban elements, which are reinterpreted and replicated in the interior of this food store.

Each area of the store is designed as a niche placed on the perimeter of the space. The big table placed in the middle of the store offers a multitude of ingredients, and creates an urban kitchen where anyone can feel like an inspired chef, and at the same time gives the possibility to orientate easily among the multitude of options the store offers.

The urban rhythm, and the dynamics of the city, combined with the different textures and colors one encounters on a usual busy day leads to the joy of experimenting with new flavors and tastes.

These were the premises for choosing to use the brand specific colors for each niche, to corelate with the specific activity (preparing sandwiches, worm cooked food, sushi, fresh drinks).

The benefits for the client are the possibility to easily orientate in the store, and the products are more visible and easy to identify and associate.

The distinctive design element such as the large central table for salads, accent lighting, and the surprising juxtaposition of materials like bright colors, wood textures, expanded metal sheet, and stencils define the new ambiance which encourages new culinary experiences.