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Apartment C15

A space to play

65 sqm       2016       Bucharest

To transform a 65 sqm apartment into a continuous playground for a family with two children was the aim of the project.
The custom furniture is flexible so it can be moved around the space and easy to deposit toys or to be part of the game. The wheeled boxes can be turned into a table or seats or can find their place under the furniture to let the space open.

The deposit area is an open exhibit of toys, games and collection. Words like welcome, well done or “10 fleas on the tractor” used in family games became part of the design. As part of learning, discovering and playing, the cork map occupies an entire wall. Also, old toys, with a symbolic value, such as the suspended airplane, were kept and integrated in the design.

The living room, the hall and the hobby room were transformed into one friendly space for inventing new stories.