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Art SEA Hotel in Syracuse Competition

Second Prize

Team with Raul Nicu

3000 sqm       2016       Syracuse

The competition was organized The Young Architects Competition in collaboration with the Italian government. The theme challenged designers „to let the beauty of these remote places fascinate them; to imagine a new future for these abandoned lighthouses by transforming them into tourism facilities beyond compare and to make their protection and possible conservation sustainable.” 

The new art hotel is a succession of fluid spaces, traces, landscape, public court yards, nature, art exhibits, with views over the lighthouse and over the sea. The glass trace explores the site starting with the lighthouse as a dominant element, passing through floating pavilions, public piazzas and ending with the contemplation of the horizon over the sea.

To maintain the openness of the site and to minimize the impact of the project, the art hotel was divided in several spaces.  Along the spiral pathway stand the pavilions, each one housing different functions: the hotel, separate from the main circulation, the cafeteria in the centre, the 120 places auditorium, conferences rooms, studios, interior foyers with connection with the exterior, lighthouse pavilion as an open space, the sea museum. Between these pavilions there are accessible courtyards, terraces, interior & exterior foyers and exhibits.  The succession of the spaces is fluid and coherent. The exterior courtyards and exhibits continue in the interior spaces.
The layout and the proportion follow the scale and hierarchy of the site, having the lighthouse as a constant background.  The spiral shape refers to the ancient proportion and rules of composition that are still fascinating to study or to explore. The spiral, suspended over the landscape, has the lighthouse as a starting point for discovering new places, new territories, cultures- an endless journey. The glass trace continues over the cliffs encouraging to explore and contemplate the sea. The path brings forward the respect for this fascinating landscape and culture.

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