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Art Urban International Competition

First Prize
Renaissance of the fluidity of spaces – Reintegration of Dambovita River
Team with Bianca Gioada and Marius Velicu

The competition is organized  each year by ArtUrbain and the Ministry of Ecology Development and Sustainability from France. In 2011 the theme was “Valoriser les espaces vides oublies” – “Reintegrating the forgotten empty spaces”
Bucharest hasn’t had fortification walls. The swamps of Dambovita River and its twists and turns were natural measures to defend. Before, the inhabitants integrated the river into their lives.
Today, the river is isolated from the city. The dictatorial violence of the ‘80s closed the river into a concrete canal. Nowadays the river is a separation element between its borders. Only the students use the space to walk on foot because most of the universities are gathered along the river.

As a solution to the general lack of green spaces in Bucharest, the project studies the reintegration of void spaces around the universities and cultural centres situated along Dambovita River.
The project identifies the void spaces adjacent to the river and improves them by creating fluid connections in order to form a cultural, social and biodiversity network.

Every existing mark has its personality which differentiates it form the others and deserves to be preserved. The future connection does not wish to erase the differences, but to valorize the potential relations by fluid and permeable lines.

Architectural quality
– bringing to the fore the existing buildings of universities and cultural institutions, with importance to the patrimony of the city.

The quality of life
– improving the public space: more accessible spaces which pedestrians can use in a more simple way , “the space is the result of social interaction” – Henry Lefebvre.

Environmental quality
– Dambovita has the chance to become an element of biodiversity by regaining its natural and wild character.