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Cyrom Office

Work in progress

1875 sqm       2018       Bucharest

The purpose of the project is to convert a former industrial building situated on Siret Street, in North of Bucharest into two independent office spaces. The building will be updated to the present quality requirements and the first level will be split in two parts.

The “open office” concept is suitable for the existing interior design of the building. Within this space, the skylights are restored, the north façade opens to the park and a new access going through the new glass volume reaches the interior garden.

The flexible office space can accommodate different types of office activities for the future tenants.

On the east the building opens to the interior garden and on the north to the park, making the building seem engulfed into nature.

The new division walls define two office spaces and common traffic areas, summing up a usable area of approximately 1875 m²

The solution presented is a functionally and constructively viable possibility transforming the existing building into a new office hub in Bucharest.