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Mega Image Sema Parc

Retail Store

700 sqm       2017       Bucharest

The Sema Parc Business Park complex is developed on the former industrial platform Semănătoarea in Bucharest. Sema Parc is composed by a set of new office buildings and old buildings converted or in progress of transformation, with mixed functions, most of them offices.
Located in a former warehouse built in 1920s, rehabilitated and consolidated, this Mega Image retail store has the advantage of a spectacular structural geometry: double height, shed roof, access from two sides, brick details and windows with frameworks.
The project had two main requirements: to adapt the existing space to the specific standard of the brand, and to develop a new concept for Mega Apetit area.

We pursued the continuity between the existing elements and the new ones.

To that effect, the exterior brick layer is replicated at the interior. The chosen model for the tiles keeps the proportion of the bricks, and the orange panels of the ceiling bring the splash of color to the interior.

The area for Mega Apetit is placed close to the entrance. The store accommodates the specific functions for bread baking, warm food, preparing appetizers, sushi, and fresh juices.
The refrigerated cabinets in this area of the store are also integrated in the design theme with expanded steel mesh and wood decorations.
To keep focus on the products, the materials used have neutral colors, mainly white on different textures: ceramic tiles, metal frames, expanded metal mesh, white wood.
The color accents are turquoise and orange.