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Retail Store Chitila

Retail Store

1500 sqm       2019       Bucharest

The building is located at the continuous developing North-West area of Bucharest, at the end of transport lines. The existing building is expanding with a new volume.

The connection between the two buildings will be achieved through a glass volume developed along the length of the building, with a double role. One of these roles is to join the new volume with the old and the second is to light up the commercial space from the inside.

In order to highlight the difference between the old building and the new one, different materials will be used such as: on the existing building there will be an apparent brick wall, with base and metallic ribs and the expansion building will be made from thermoinsulating sandwich panels.

Surrounding the building there will be a public space which will be furnished with urban furniture with a green space landscaped in its center.