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StarGift Headquarters

Natural light and direct view to the park

415 sqm       2018       Bucharest

StarGift is a company producing personalized gifts. As part of the development, the headquarters moved on Copilului Street, no. 6-12, district 1, Bucharest.

The purpose of the project was to set the necessary flows for print production, office space, meeting room and the café. As a result, the client can have a pleasant experience when choosing a gift.

Through the conformation measures we adapted the space to the new function and for the fire safety regulations. From the existing space many of the walls and finishes were recovered.

For an easy orientation the façade integrates the company branding. The office zone and the café are orientated to the park to have natural light. Strong colors of the branding were used in interior, green in the production area and yellow ochre in the meeting room. From the meeting room the client can view the gift production area.