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Studio AE Office

Bright and functional space

80 sqm       2018       Bucharest

Located in the Creative District, the new space of the Studio ae architecture office has advantages and opportunities that have guided the interior design.

Located at the intersection of Crișana street and Horațiu street, the building has three glazed facades facing the old building around it.The office space is located at the ground floor of this building,occuping the entire floor, about 80 sqm.

Regarding the interior space, the initial partition was modified, by keeping a wall for enclosing the kitchenette and by bounding the meeting room with a glass wall.

Therefor the place was divided into two big spaces: the open office space and the common space (the meeting room, multi-functional table and the kitchenette).

To make the most of the glazed facade and to facilitate the visibility and also the communication with the outer space, the desks were disposed into islands and the office objects like printers, cabinets and bookcases are set on the marginal points of the office area

Therefor the new Studio AE architecture office has an open, bright and functional space which stimulates the creativity, socialization and performance.

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