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Survey Matei Ambrozie Commercial Complex

Survey commercial complex

430 qm       2017       Bucharest, Bd-ul Camil Ressu


The store is part of a commercial complex that was built as part of Balta Albă district, a communist neighborhood built in the ’70s.

The complex, built in a socialist modernist style, has architectural value such as: space with double height, the sough-after rhythm of walls and windows, the depth of shadows, bi-directional reticular slab.

Redeveloping and analyzing the survey, the elements that have been added over time were removed and the bi-directional reticular slab remained apparent.

The façades have also been cleaned, the windows have been replaced, and the steel grid have been removed to highlight the corner volume. Once with the redevelopment, work was done to rebuild the waterproofing, to restore all the facilities, to build ramps to accommodate the level differences to comply the space to the current design standards.

The building was also featured on Dezeen as part of an article on Socialist Modernism photography.