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The Weavers Tower

The landmark of the city

600 sqm       2017       Bucharest

For more than five centuries, the Tower has been a part of the people’s lives and identity and has evolved together with the city. A distinct image corresponds to each stage in the Tower’s life. The medieval base reminds us of the massive buildings, frontiers, and defense. The neoclassical stage from the XIX-th century is associated with the firemen’s look-out point. The appearance changes over time: from defense tower, to The Weavers Tower, The Firemen’s Tower, and now it has the chance to once again become the representative tower of Cluj city.

The project proposes to capitalize the Tower’s potential of becoming a landmark of the neighborhood and of the city.

This goal is achieved by taking the following actions:

-The restoration of the historical part of the building and removing the elements which interfere;

-The construction of a transparent cube, detached from the existing building, creating the illusion of levitation, amplifying the height and offering a panoramic perspective of the city. The netting of the cube is a reference to the past of the Tower;

-Amplification of the public space. On an ampler urban scale, the neighborhood and the tower are synchronized to the rhythm and to the urban paths by restricting vehicle access to the Tipografiei and D. Ferenc streets. Thus, a new urban space is configured, which grows horizontally as well as vertically by integrating the panoramic tower.