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National Contest for Urban Luminaries Competition

Second Prize

Lights on Lipscani – dynamic lighting as part of the regeneration of the old city

2009       Bucharest, old city

The competition was organized by Eltrix, a lighting Production Company, with the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism of Bucharest.  The theme requested to bring to the fore forgotten places of the city through urban luminaries.

Lipscani Street is the main street in the old city of Bucharest. At that time, the old city was not very dynamic and populated. By choosing this street, the idea was to put the old city into a new light.
“We appreciated the design of the urban luminaries, the right scale of it in the context of Lipscani. The design was also appreciated because it can be produced and implemented by the Eltrix Company. ” — The Jury

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