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The many advantages of using technology in design and construction

The technologies of the future in the field of design, BIM (Building Information Modeling), and 3D-VR have become increasingly more popular for

Exploring the spaces of the future with the help of VR

Moving beyond the boundaries of 2D VR (Virtual Reality) technology allows us to explore the architecture of spaces that exist only in

5 efficient measures for reducing energy consumption in new buildings

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” - Winston Churchill Built areas absorb around 40% of the primary energy produced on

12 trends in architecture and construction for 2022

February 2022 We are witnessing how the boundaries between urban and rural environments are fading, as a result of a greater awareness

The construction of a building explained in 6 main steps

When you want to build a dream house, an office building, a vacation home, or another type of building, one of the

About passive houses

The history of passive houses. Brief The history of passive houses begins in 1991 in Darmstadt-Kranichstein, Germany, with the building of the


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