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Our studio was founded after winning several competitions. We won half of the competitions we attended. The first one we took place in was in 2009, the year Studio ae was founded, and the most recent one in 2020. We have proven our visionary approach in each competition, and the specialty judges singled out and rewarded our projects.

We believe that competitions are a way in which we can innovate, create, imagine, and develop sustainable solutions for the future. They are the research phase during which we take the liberty to propose scenarios for the evolution of the build space that surrounds us.

Art Urbain

First Prize

Paris France

The rebirth of space fluidity in Bucharest

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Urban Foyer

Third Prize


Link to diploma

Vrancea – land of confluence

First Prize

“Portile Vrancei” Competition

Link to diploma




Casa Cuib Competition

First Prize

Cuib House – The Small House

Link to diploma


2050 An infinite city

MultipleXity Competition


Land area: 20,000 sqm

Developed area: 7,550 sqm



#in the public space

Mention Of the Architecture Annual 2018

Land area 500 m²

Huet Square,  Sibiu downtown

Chitila Bus station

Area 1,500 m²

Land area 4,000 m²

221 Chitilei Street, District 1, Bucharest

Domenii Concept Store

Total area = 1,400 m²

128 C Ion Mihalache Blvd., District 1, Bucharest

Carpathian Retreat

Location: Alba County

Client: private

Land area: 2,600 m2

Total area: 1,560 m2

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