Studio AE

Urban Concept

Site area = 60,000 m²

Iasi, Romania

Industrial site regeneration


arch. Elena Ștefănescu

arch. Andrei Ștefănescu

arch. Oana Constantinescu

Client : privat

Site area = 60,000 m²

Iasi, Romania

The site has the potential to become a landmark in the area, a continuity between the industrial, single-function past and the future based on multifunctionality.
Given its size and scale, the intervention can become a model for urban reconversion and regeneration in Romania.

The aim is to create an urban terminal that is integrated in the present and future dynamic of Iasi, as well as to create a coherent perspective.

The most important intervention points are the following:

FUNCTIONAL ZONATION: mixed area, commerce/services functions, re-technologized furniture workshops (that do not produce sound and air pollution), exhibition areas linked to the connected spaces, officers/hubs for the creative industries;
FLUXES – separating the different functions
CLEAR PERSPECTIVES & orientation towards the landscape – The Bucium Hill
COMMUNITY – The green space meets the city - Meeting and relaxation areas
ARCHITECTURAL & URBAN QUALITY – commercial and services terminal
REGENERATION & INTEGRATION – the conversion from an industrial area to a connate area – between the urban & rural
SUSTAINABILITY – integrating sustainable development technologies & principles

Studio AE