Studio AE

Cora Urban

Total surface = 100 m²
Ilfov, Chiajna

Concept proiect pilot spațiu comercial

arh. Elena Ștefănescu

arh. Andrei Ștefănescu

arh. Matei Dumitrescu

Client: Cora România

Total surface = 100 m²
Ilfov, Chiajna

Cora Urban is Cora Romania’s pilot project that introduced a new proximity store concept, one that is directly connected to the online platform and hypermarket logistics.
When placing an online order, a client has access to over 40,000 products in the store nearest to his home. The concept combines the delivery and the spontaneous shopping experience.
The keywords used to define the concept were technology, connectivity, mobility, proximity, sustainability, smart, and fast. Therefore, we integrated a contemporary design that is reminiscent of the technology sector. The use of a small number of materials allowed us to obtain a seamless and coherent and aesthetically pleasing concept so that the client can orient himself easily and as fast as possible within the store.
The proposal for the façade was a high level of visibility for the logo and transparency towards the interior.
The Cora Urban spaces are activated by the virtual sector with the use of new digital technologies and smart services.

Studio AE