Studio AE

Gusturi românești

Developed aria= 290 m²
104 B-dul Ion Mihalache, Bucharest, Romania

tradition as inspiration

Architecture & design:
arch. Elena Ștefănescu

arch. Andrei Ștefănescu

Client: Mega Image

Developed aria= 290 m²
104 B-dul Ion Mihalache, Bucharest, Romania

“One must always maintain one's connection to the past and yet ceaselessly pull away from it”. Gaston Baschlard
The Gusturi romanești store highlights the importance of tradition in one’s life. The design creates an atmosphere that evokes nostalgia, childhood memories, and long-lost Romanian words: a traditional wooden post, potter, wooden vat.
Beech wood hand-carved panels with specific Romanian motifs are apparent on the façade. The interior includes recurrent traditional Romanian architectural elements: the porch, the granary, the pantry, the cellar, all reinterpreted in order to correspond to their new functions. The aim was to capitalize on the materials, the sculpted, authentic motifs, and bring together these elementswith the existing products in order to tell a story.
The furniture is sculpted by hand, never perfect, allowing the wood to vibrate. . The floor has a texture that is reminiscent of the earth floor.
The juxtaposition of the old and the new, the black and white, full and empty, light and dark is augmented in this space and the one who enters experiences an authentic, contemporary story.

Studio AE