Studio AE

Up Grade Cotroceni

Developed area = 1800 m²

Cotroceni, Bucharest, Romania

architectura as evolution


arch. Elena Ștefănescu

arch. Andrei Ștefănescu

arch. Anca Neculoiu

Client : Mega Image

Developed area = 1800 m²

Cotroceni, Bucharest, Romania

The existing building is located in the Cotroceni neighborhood, Bucharest, and was built in the 80s. The Cotroceni Market is a two-story building featuring elements that present important potential: a double-height area, a mezzanine, and a skylight with a semi-cylindrical vault shape.

The aim was to create a space that will offer a unique customer experience. The natural light was the main element, and the skylight was completely replaced, maintaining the initial semi-circular shape. In order to outline the double-height area, we proposed a large, personalized light fixture that balances the design.

The main façade was cleaned, and the main access was clearly marked. Fluxes were optimized in the interior, a client elevator was installed, the split level was extended, all of the fixtures, the woodwork and the lighting fixtures were replaced. The geometry of the stair leading to the upper story was reconfigured and the existing mosaic preserved and repaired.
In only 10 weeks of construction works, a communist commercial space from the 80s was transformed into a contemporary one. The construction started and ended during the coronavirus pandemic: the client, the designers, and the constructor worked together efficiently and safely.

Studio AE