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The new context is a testimony to the importance of the space in which we live, its atmosphere, and its connection to the outside world. The quality of the inhabited space is increasingly important, not only for ensuring safety and comfort, but also to ensure an uninterrupted connection with the space itself. Each family has its own definition for home and, as architects, we need to understand it and create a personalized space connected to nature in which our clients will enjoy living their lives.

Foișorului House

Location: Domnesti - Ilfov

Client: private

Developed area: 265 m2

Land area: 1,200 m2

Casa Cuib Competition

First Prize

Casa Cuib Competition

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DV Passive House

Location: Balotesti – Ilfov

Client: private

Developed area: 193.5 m2

Joy Residence

Location: Bacau

Client: private – developer

Land area: 2,270 m2


Aviatiei Apartment

Apartment area = 100 m2

Bucharest, Romania

Corbeanca Residence

Corbeanca, Ilfov

Client: private

Total surface: 1200 m²



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